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Photogrammetric Flights

Your goal is to fly over an area up to a previously planned to achieve the photos due to overlap obtain stereoscopy which is the photogrammetric flights needed to see three-dimensional images, and get orthorectify topography effect.

Sales of Satellite Images

We have important agreements with satellite imagery satellites for the distribution and sales of satellite images. Should only send the polygon areas cover is KMZ, shape, DXF or DWG and immediately we will cotizándole.

Digital Elevation Models

This can be obtained from Digital Elevation Models total stations and GPS directly into the ground and indirectly through photogrammetry, LIDAR or satellite imagery.

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Surveying General

As its name implies, "measure of the earth."
Surveying operations within:Demarcation, Branch, Consolidation, cleansing, Update Mensura, Condominiums and Construction Division Parcelaria


With this we digitize the representative elements in photos (orthophotos) to produce a map.

Custom Maps

These are made from the customer's need regardless of the area to which is cadastral dam water sector, environmental, mining, ie any objective finally has.

System Geographic information

We create any layer that the customer needs. For this photogrammetric flights and satellite images are the basis for the creation of such systems and the creation of any spatial data infrastructure (SDI).

Points Certification Heliports

GPS points for certification of heliports. These points are taken in places where it is planned to make an helipad, for that govern ourselves with the requirements demanded by the civil aviation institute.

GPS positioning baselines

These are to control any project surveying, planimetric or altimetric is. Used to start uprisings under actual coordinates and should be placed under loscriterios technicians set to work global positioning systems.

Topographical Surveys

Through this plane with planimetric and altimetric information you are obtained. This survey allows you to locate all objects such as houses, buildings, trees, streets, bridges, depressions, rivers, creeks and all this reflected in a plane allows the customer to meet its target.